Catch-up — radio shows for the past two weeks

I’m still getting used to regular blog writing. As evidence of that, I missed posting about the radio show for last week. So I’ll include it in the write up of this week’s show. Both are available on my Soundcloud.

The show for 9/11/14 starts off with Ami Suzuki’s Stereo Love, which was composed, written, and arranged by Tomoe Shinohara. Well, no wonder it sounds so rad. I was honestly pretty surprised to learn this little fact, but the lazy and playful attitude of the song fits the style of latter-day Tomoe. The first part of the set is mostly dance music of one form or another, much of it from No-Disco Records, and then there’s a little Shibuya-kei interlude, before getting into some beloved vocaloid. I’ve been listening to so much vocaloid lately that I’m beginning to dream in it, and that rules. Some old favorites of mine were inserted into this mix: ACO’s blue-sky summerwave love song Punk Bung Heart, a theme song for an anime I’ve never seen, and Denki Groove’s Shangri-La. I have an unyielding fondness for anime theme songs, and Denki Groove were one of the groups that initiated me into J-pop. Roots, doggs. One day soon, I’ll write up nice blogs on Denki Groove and Tomoe Shinohara. Expect them!

Here’s the playlist:

And now for a quick write-up of this week’s show, wherein I go even deeper into the vocaloid lands. That was my primary theme for this week, so I kept it somewhat electronic sounding until the end. There’s such a thing as too much vocaloid, hard as it is to believe. Some notable exceptions include the swirly Kinoko Teikoku at track five, the sweet as sugar guitars of Balloon Skirt’s Chocolate Junkie, and the further tweeness of three-weeks old lovesick puppy, Boyish, and Naivepop or Petitfool. The vocaloid selected this week come from a variety of sources, but a few tracks come from Ginga’s Galaxy Odyssey series, which includes some excellent producers, like Calla Soiled and Leggysalad. There will be more vocaloid to come, of course, when I finally finish my long treatise on the phenomenon of Miku Hatsune and Vocaloid in general.

Here’s the playlist:

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