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Sometimes, a radio set is better when it doesn’t gel. It’s not like making a live DJ set, though it’s certainly cool to think of it as one(and, of course, possible to do a club-style mix on the air). Radio DJing doesn’t need flow and transition like a club set does, where the party people can be turned off by a misstep in timing. Radio is about the songs being allowed to stand, sometimes in juxtaposition with one another, but often as their own element within the set itself to channel the emotion of that singular song, instead of spreading the feels out over an hour-long dance party. I think this show is a collection of those moments that channel emotion, at least for the first half.

The playlist starts off with the Hi-Posi cover of “Jenny is in a bad mood,” the classic electropop song by Juicy Fruits. This is an echo all the way from 1980. Check out the spiraling projection in the background of that video: I think those graphics were pretty popular in the scene back then. Hi-Posi takes a jagged and hyperactive approach to the song, contorting it to their style and proving just how brilliant of a pop song it is, I think, more so than Perfume’s celebrated but kind of bland cover.

Speaking of Hikashu, they’re one of the primary reasons I’m even into Japanese music, and the third track on this playlist is a shuffling and spaced-out version of their song “Biro Biro.” Makigami, their lead singer, declaims the lyrics like a seasoned actor performing his most beloved role(Makigami is known for incorporating Japanese theatrics and storytelling styles like Noh in his vocal stylings), echoed by a saxophone, which is just about the only smooth thing throughout the seven minutes of this song. This very song was performed live(in New York City of all places!) with Tomoe Shinohara once, in a more bubbly and rocking version befitting the persona of Shinohara.

There’s so many interesting songs on this list, like the Jersey Club-influenced “I Need Lactobacillus” by Dj Yakult Lady, the shambling techno of Calla Soiled, and the always dreamy i-fls, but I want to close by talking a little about group_inou. group_inou are just two guys, cp and imai, the first rapping and the second producing. Their music doesn’t rely on samples, and really sounds quite far from hip-hop as we know it. Instead, imai uses relatively simple synth and drum machine loops that morph and layer over the course of the song with remarkably catchy results. They’re also well-known for their distinctive videos, and the song on this playlist, “Heart,” is one of those. Heart is actually a more straightforward video compared to a more recent one, “Orientation”, which is also a great song itself.

Full Playlist: http://pastebin.com/093ZiBZa
High Quality Archive MP3: https://archive.org/details/lullabies-4-cthulhu-10-23-14-complete

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