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After some heavily electronic/ambient shows, the latest playlist returns to a mix of pop, rock, and otherwise. This show features some older and some newer songs, all of which I’m rather fond of as usual.

The first track is by a group called 1000say. It’s called LOSTMAN, from 2009. The beat never lets up through the entire song, carrying through a bright and unrelenting chorus. It approaches anthemic at that point, with the synth without really being an anthem. It’s a brilliant pop song, and really, I’ve only just begun to learn about 1000say, so I’m interested to see what else they have to offer.

Fugainaiya, by Yuki is one of my favorite songs. It was the opening song for the second half of Honey and Clover. Yuki has been around for a long time, starting off with her band Judy and Mary in the early 90s. In Fugainaiya, which means “cowardly,” Yuki sings with the intensity she brings to many of her songs, building with each verse and chorus to a passionate ending.

A couple of the tracks were culled from Ryan Hemsworth’s excellent Secret Songs, which features a variety of artists, including Kumisolo, who has been around for a while. Kung fu Boy is built around an italo disco style beat that is decorated with off-pitched beeps in a crescendo and Kumisolo’s delicate voice.

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