Smiles, tears, and stray dogs – Radio show notes

I make rare concessions to the seasons in my playlists. This month, I am starting off every mix with a special version of our intro. Usually, it’s the bare audio from 30 Rock featuring James Franco talking about body pillows, but now thanks to my completely amateur skills at Audacity, it features sleigh bells. Later this month, I’ll slip some holiday songs from Japan into the mix(spoiler warning).

But the music in this mix is season agnostic. There’s even a song named Spring, from Sunmeo, off No Disco Records.. It’s a bouncy song filled by electronic bursts, so perhaps it is more appropriate to say it’s named after the elastic coil device. Spring comes after Route of Quanta, a track off one of my favorite vocaloid albums, TRIPPERS by Camellia, a glitchy album featuring the voice of the beloved Hatsune Miku. This album features songs unlike the typical straight electropop, techno, or jpop/jrock vocaloid. It’s drum and bass with off-kilter vocals, odd time signatures, and a fearless ambition to make a soundtrack to a cybernetic fever dream of future.

Later on in the mix is a song that hits all of my pop music buttons, a track from the Konami Beatmania game series called Miracle Moon. It’s unabashed pop music that does not hesitate to drown you in its sweet excess. Miracle Moon lives in some parallel universe where 80s R&B, New Jack Swing, New Wave, and Bubblegum all swirled together to make the most delicious smoothie. Maybe more New Jack Swing than you would expect. The Beatmania series, known as Bemani to the indoctrinated faithful, like many rhythm games, is a treasure trove of fine pop, and one day I may write about it from that perspective.

Other fine tracks round out this mix, including a KANEKURE remix by Okadada(this collection has my favorite album art from Maltine records), the vocaloid standard Remote Controller
featuring Kagamine Rin and Len
, ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION’s Maigoinu to Ame Beat that opened the anime The Tatami Galaxy, and gnyonpix’s cover of the Earthbound/Mother 2 ending theme Smiles and Tears(my favorite game). I hope this mix warms you up!



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