Summer Relaxation – Radio Show – 8-6-15

Summer is deep and present here in New Mexico, but I’m a winter kind of guy. Summer means long, sleepy days, and that awful sensation of sweaty skin peeling off wherever you happen be lying down or sitting. That written, I like the idea of summer as expressed through music, and maybe best expressed as a road trip playlist, for when you’re driving to your idyllic summer vacation. Songs that are eager to bounce outside in the warm sun –that’s the kind of music I like most, even if I prefer to stay inside listening to them on my headphones while sipping a glass of ice water. Bland reality, but luscious dreams.

So, that was some of what went into this playlist, but the mood of summer now is mostly relaxed. June and July are hype, but August is a little more chill in my mind. Still warm, still energetic, but calmer about it. Summer, jets cooling. It’s the contemplative portion of summer, too, as you look ahead to autumn and winter, the recession indoors yet to occur. In the meantime, your eyes are a little filmy from the heat anyway. So relax; drink something cool and reminisce over your joyous June and July. Summer is almost over. Listen to this mix. It’s energetic at parts, certainly, but, I think, not too bouncy.

This playlist also features some cuts from the mighty FOGPAK and their 13th compilation. Jellyfish Drop continues the exploration of heavy staccato synths from last week’s show. Is it more ultrapop? I don’t really know, but it’s a fun song that never quite fits into any aesthetic but its own. There’s also some representation from netlabels I have not played much from in a while. Niphlex Recordings and LBT both get some cuts. Doremimate’s excellent evocation of early 80s house, the OH MY EP, is featured twice. These disco-flecked tracks would be at home on a 12″ LP. Doremimate seems to effortlessly build tracks in that mold, while still sounding modern. Niphlex is represented more broadly, with tracks by A_jiki and remixes of Yasuaki Ishikawa. The latter includes a typically lovely remix by perennial favorite i-fls. Finally, there’s four tracks from Mizukage Record’s latest compilation, which is varied in style, but uniform in beauty.


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