Summer Rock — Radio show 8-12-15

There’s no genre attached to a season. Summer isn’t made for any kind of music, and the diversity you see in most summer music festivals is exhibit A for that notion. Still, a jangly guitar is the sound of summer I hear when that first hot and sunny day lifts us out of spring. So, I was thinking of that after last week’s playlist of summer relaxation music. I wanted something a little more joyful, energetic, sparkling even. And, anyway, I hadn’t had a rock show in a bit.

So I tried to fit in more guitar sounds here. It’s not purely rock: one of my favorite Perfume songs is in here and I’m sure there isn’t anything not made by a computer in that song. And that’s fine, because that’s okay. It still feels like a summer song to me. Between the aggressively emotive Sambomaster, the slightly more detached disco of Sakanaction, and the shoegazing of Supercar and Kinoko Teikoku, there’s enough guitar here.

I put one of my favorite songs, New Music Machine by Cornelius, and it’s screaming wall of guitars, near the end of the playlist. I remember playing this song on my other radio show, form when I was the indie music director at my college radio station, a position that just involved listening to all the indie rock cds labels sent us. I bought many albums just because they were on Matador back then, and Cornelius was one I treasured. Passepied put out a single with a cover of New Music Machine as a b-side, and it’s wonderful. I hope to play it on the show soon.

Archival MP3:


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