Ultrapop – Radio Show 7/30/15

I’m rather proud of the playlist for the latest radio show I did, and it reminded me that I have long neglected posted on this blog. I want to change that. It’s fun to write up what’s behind playlists like this.

Thanks to Make Believe Melodies, Yoshino Yoshikawa hit my radar with his short song about cats being rarefied, hypercute versions of themselves. The song punches through two and a half minutes with staccato synth hits, which bring to mind the sudden bounces and twists of cats at play. Yoshikawa tagged this song “Ultrapop,” and has been exploring this microgenre for a while. In fact, Yoshikawa created it, and he labels all his songs Ultrapop. Yoshikawa’s music is fun, bright, and synthesizes from a variety of sources(Les Chats seems to be influenced a bit by Jersey Club), but, like many of his peers, continues to deconstruct and reinterpret the sounds of Jpop. Yoshikawa is pretty explicit about this: on his Soundcloud he says Ultrapop “extracts the structure of Jpop.” I thought of other artists with a similar aesthetic, like Tomggg, and noticed a more pronounced line to Shibuya-kei. In fact, Les Chats reminds me of a kind of vaporized Cornelius, and Tomggg’s bright and cheery sound hearkens back to the sunny sounds of Flipper’s Guitar(which, of course, also featured Keigo Oyamada of Cornelius).

So this is what I was thinking of when I made this playlist, though, to be honest, it doesn’t really reflect the links that well, as I had to fill two hours of radio time and wanted to push in some stuff I had been listening to lately that fit neither Shibuya-kei or the sounds of artists like Tomggg and Yoshikawa. I’d like to explore the evolution of Shibuya-kei a little more in a future playlist, however, because its presence in the netlabel and indie electronic scene in Japan still feels prominent to me. That said, I rather like this playlist, and think it has a good flow and has some particularly good songs on it. Please enjoy!

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