Winter Sunshine – Radio Show – January 21, 2016

It’s been quite a while since my last post, but as it’s the new year and all, I’m resolving to get back on track once more with writing about my radio show, the hastily-named Lullabies for Cthulhu, which is quietly still going strong over here in Santa Fe. This week’s playlist, like almost every playlist I do, is eclectic, mostly upbeat, and features mostly netlabel and free music from all over the world.

A couple of tracks this week are from OMOIDE LABEL, which has become my favorite netlabel, insofar as it is reliably putting out otaku-influenced music across genres, filling in the gaps left by the dormant Altema Records. The Jun Kuroda mix of Harito’s Home soars with a chiptune solo after a lengthy and saturated buildup. There’s a glorious mixture of styles at play here, including drum n’ bass, house, and even eurodance techno. The other OMOIDE track on this playlist is the iida(who was responsible for one of my favorite remixes from last year) Remix of ANIMAL HACK’s TIME, which is itself a cutup of a trance track from a few years back. This remix is a footwork song at heart, and shows it when the pizzicato break comes in between the vocal samples.

Also featured in this playlist are a few tracks from the recently released compilation from Kiiro Records, the Kiiroi White Album, another netlabel that continues to rise in my estimation, but for putting out excellent garage and indie-pop guitar music. Baby Drive by Takeaki Oda with Rush, presumably not the Canadian band, keeps the frivolous fun spirit of Shibuya-Kei alive, and for this I am deeply thankful.

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