Two on Tuesday: Joyous Pop

Two on Tuesday features two songs by two different artists and the author’s explanation of how they are related, however tenuous the connection. This one is rather late in coming, but here it is.

It’s been a while since I updated! Let’s see if I can make up for some lost time for the rest of year and post a few times a month. The world of music from Japan, and my weekly radio show that mostly plays that music, hasn’t slowed down. Rather than write about this week’s show, however, I’ll continue my Tuesday tradition and write about two songs I enjoy.

If you know me or listen to my show, you know I tend towards the light, the poppy, the sugar-coated and over-stuffed with sweet kind of music. There’s so much music out there, and while I, truly, madly, and deeply want to listen it all, time is fleeting, so I’ll take the poppy stuff I can enjoy without much effort, if you please. The spectrum of pop is pretty wide, however, and growing ever wider, so fortunately, there’s plenty of music for me to enjoy.

These two songs I’ve been playing and enjoying lately have very little in common, really. But what these songs by Jitabata-P and BoAT do have in common is a soaring chorus, a hook, that they ride out well to the end of the song. It’s not a soar in the modern pop terminology, but it does have that feeling, but it’s earned in both of these songs. These two songs are my kind of pop music.

Jitabata-P – The Adventures of Sound

BoAT – Wild Speech Message

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