Radio show!

I’ve done a public radio show (along with my pal Dave who blogs about tabletop games over here) since 2008. We started with two ideas: goof off and tell dumb jokes to an unsuspecting and sleepy/intoxicated audience(like one of my biggest influences did), and play music you won’t hear anywhere else(like another one of my biggest influences does). Early on, we decided the best way to fulfill the musical side of our scheme was to play mostly Asian music of various kinds, particularly, music from Japan, and today we still do that. Except now it’s weekly, and the scene is swelling with new music and artists across Soundcloud, Bandcamp, doujin circles, and a clutch of still active netlabels.

This blog will feature posts on all of those vectors for rad new music, but I will also write about the two hours of music I collect for my weekly radio show, the labor of love that has led me to these musical treasures.

This week’s episode featured selections from mixes done by the great and now sadly defunct Pachinko Overdrive. Two tracks from two of those mixes form an interesting pair, Yasutaka Nakata’s remix of Clazziquai Project, and Towa Tei’s remix of Bonnie Pink. Both are interesting because they highlight the singular sound of these two producers, that anything they touch becomes very much their own. The Towa Tei has some subtle hints of bossa nova, which goes nicely with similar elements in the Halfby, the Eel remix by Akakage, and even the house-happy 909state later in the show.

There’s many great tracks in this show. I’m pretty partial to the Ryan Hemsworth collaboration with Tomggg, the soaring raveup of Meishi Smile’s Tadaima, and the vocaloid decorations in the Hypo77 at the end. I hope you enjoy it too!

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